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2 Decorating Table Metal Zeus

Episode 1 will crave 2 abounding playthroughs and a quick bulk of a adventure to mop up. There are 13 achievements angry to your decisions, with none actuality missable, and can be accomplished at any time via affiliate baddest at the capital menu. The actual ones are mostly adventure accompanying and a few are assorted or angry to leveling up. Leveling up in a point & bang game? Yes, you apprehend that correctly, I will go over that afterwards on. The alone accomplishment you accept to anguish about on your own is one angry to authoritative choices quickly.


In the aforementioned game, accept 20 answers afore the time is up

You will acceptable access this accomplishment forth the way afterwards cerebration about it, but actuality is a active up anyway. Not all choices accept a timer absorbed to them but there are affluence of opportunities that do. If you acquisition that you’ve messed up your advance somehow, the affiliate baddest is at your disposal.

For the best part, I will absolute you to breadth you charge to be, but if you get absent or acquisition my instructions to be confusing, argue the map in your bold menu. Hovering over explored accommodation with the cursor will acquaint you of what that allowance is.

With all of that out of the way, let’s begin.

The Prologue is a abbreviate scene. Abreast the end of the scene, you will be accustomed one of abounding 50/50 choices the bold offers you. Your choices are to ACT or TRUST HER.> TRUST HER

This will unlock:

This, in turn, will accord you a new trait. Traits are awarded for assertive accomplishments aural the bold as a absorption of how you body Luis as a character. A affection will admission you a acquiescent bonus. You are already accustomed the “Charismatic Presence” affection by default, and by dupe your mother you accept aloof apart the “Trusting” trait.

Trait: “Charismatic Presence” ( 1 in Manipulation). Trait: “Trusting” ( 1 in Psychology).

You are greeted at the berth by Sir Gregory Holm and Emily Hillsborrow.> Business with Lord Mortimer.> About-face the catechism aback to the Duchess.

After the abrupt conversation, Louis will accept suffered a abrupt migraine.

Once Louis comes to and Emily walks abroad you get to booty your actual aboriginal steps! Your motion controls are the to move Louis, to move the camera and while affective to sprint.

To your larboard are some accomplish arch bottomward to one of the boats. The accomplish are belted by accessible flames: abreast the right-hand blaze is the aboriginal bread you can collect. Bill accolade you with added XP points. Bread [01/55]

Now go accommodated up with Emily breadth you will be confronted with the best important best of the game, allotment your class!

As you can see by the screenshot above, there are three classes in this game; DIPLOMAT, OCCULTIST & DETECTIVE. This is breadth the RPG elements axis from and your accommodation will appearance Louis’ accomplishments and abutting babble options. All 3 classes accept an accomplishment angry to them. We will accept one chic in this playthrough, and apple-pie up the added two abundant later.> DIPLOMAT

This will unlock:

Step 2 will be to administer three accessible accomplishment points. Anniversary chic contains bristles abilities in its accomplishment tree, as I labelled above. By default, all bristles of your class’ abilities will be Akin 1. The levelling arrangement for the accomplishment timberline requires 3 Accomplishment Credibility for Akin 1, 4 added Accomplishment Credibility for Akin 2 & 10-12 added Accomplishment Credibility for Akin 3. You can acquaint how abounding credibility are bare to akin up by the cardinal of rings about the skill, or you can hover the cursor over a accomplishment to see.

So by default, you will see your bristles abject abilities are already Akin 1. You will additionally see two added skills, one in anniversary of the unchosen classes, anniversary with a chicken marker. These are due to the character’s history, such as aback we acquired a point in the Psychology accomplishment during the prologue. Place all three accomplishment credibility into the “Questioning” accomplishment (found in the Detective accomplishment tree).

If you messed up or appetite to change your apperception columnist to abolish alone points, columnist to abolish all credibility or authority to aback out to Step 1 and alpha the activity all over. Already you are done authority to validate.

After commutual anniversary quest, your XP that you’ve been accepting in the accomplishments will apply, and if this causes you to akin up you will be accustomed four accomplishment credibility to apply. Abilities will akin up and unlock, during the gameplay as able-bodied based on babble options and actions. It’s additionally annual advertence that by allotment our chic aloof now we accept apart one of three class-specific manuscripts. Manuscripts admission you quest-long bonuses, but can alone be triggered at the alpha of the quest, so this won’t bulk until later. There are a absolute of 32 manuscripts in the game, but by allotment one chic you are clumsy to access the actual two class-specific ones, and appropriately aural a distinct playthrough you can alone aggregate a best of 30. With all of that annual out of the way let’s get aback to the story. Trait: “Diplomat” (Diplomat chic abilities bulk beneath to acquire). Manuscript: “Laws of Gallantry” [01/30] ( 1 in Diversion).

During your babble with Emily, you will apprehension that there is new actuality in the lower larboard of the screen. The row of chunk is your accomplishment bar and the four symbols aloft are your consumables. This breadth is your HUD for your skills. Anniversary accomplishment choice, both babble and action, requires several accomplishment credibility to use which depletes the accomplishment bar. As for the consumables, I will not explain those at the moment for two reasons. Aboriginal of all, we don’t accept any consumables yet and secondly, there is an accomplishment for not application any consumables in a adventure and now is the ideal time for that.

So for this Adventure DO NOT columnist any of the directional buttons (, , , ) as these use its agnate consumable. If you do end up application any consumables you can consistently epitomize any adventure and try again. Despite not application consumables in this quest, I will still point out breadth you can aggregate them. Through the guide, I will abide to do this, admitting you may see some consumables that I do not acknowledgment in the adviser – it’s because we alone charge a assertive bulk of them.

Now advance the adventure with Emily.> Not at all, sorry.

The bold will now acquaint you to “opportunities”. There are several of these throughout the bold and they pop up during conversations. Opportunities are timed contest that do not absorb accomplishment credibility and usually access a accomplishment if successful. Afresh the bold will affectation advice on personality vulnerabilities of characters and that you can accomplishment them with your skills, followed by your talents. You will consistently appetite to activate the befalling in the time allotted, as it will calculation appear advance with assertive Talents. Talents are about Traits that you accept to body advance towards, rather than actuality apart by specific one-off actions.> !Opportunity! Emily’s lips.

Appearance trait: Emily’s amnesty to Logic.

The new cold now is to attending for clues about your mother afore we can access the manor. Facing the assistant at the abject of the steps, you’ll acquisition a accessible annual (Royal Jelly) to your appropriate on top of some burden crates. To the appropriate of this are some accomplish arch bottomward to addition boat, belted by two flames. Go about the right-hand blaze for an added Royal Jelly. Already you’ve calm these, access the servant. Apprehension actuality that some of the babble options I’ve wrote are added with (Questioning 1:0) – this indicates that the advantage is affiliated to a assertive accomplishment (in this case, Questioning), and the arrangement indicates your accomplishment akin and ‘difficulty’ (meaning the bulk of accomplishment credibility it requires, afterwards demography your accomplishment akin and cachet furnishings into account).> What do you apperceive about my mother?> Accept you begin annihilation here? (Questioning 1:0)> You’ll accord me aback the handkerchief. (Conviction 1:0)

Appearance trait: Servants’ vulnerability to Questioning. Appearance trait: Servants’ vulnerability to Conviction. Inventory: Mother’s handkerchief.

Further bottomward the aisle to the right, forth the right-hand side, you will acquisition a Royal Jelly, admitting on the left-hand ancillary you will acquisition a coin. Bread [02/55].

Eventually, you will see a absurd floorboard that you can examine.> Booty the floorboard out.

Turn aback about and go larboard at the capital platform. In the bend you will atom a metal bar that you can examine.> Booty the bar.

Inventory: Adamant bar.

Return to the floorboard.> Use the decayed adamant bar.> Appraise the decayed key.> Booty the key.> Booty the bag.

Manuscript: “Mysterium Cosmographicum” ( 1 in Science). Inventory: Decayed adamant key. Inventory: Sarah de Richet’s bag.

Use the key to accessible the aboideau ahead. You can acquisition in actuality a Royal Jelly and an Amber Fragment. For anniversary set of four Amber Bits you find, you will be adored with a abiding 1 access of accessible accomplishment points. Already you’ve calm what’s here, additionally booty a moment to appraise the burst butt and the abandoned pistol case (otherwise you’ll absence out on XP for abounding objectives completion), afresh arch aback to the starting breadth breadth you can now appraise the mailbox.> Appraise the belletrist one at a time.> Appraise the letter with ideograms on it.> I apperceive that language. (Linguistics 1:0)> Appraise the added letters.> To Mr Samuel Riter Dauchois.> Attending at the sender’s abode (Etiquette 1:2)> Ah, yes, I bethink now! (Politics 1:1)

Inventory: Letter from Sarah de Richet. Appearance trait: Godoy’s amnesty to Etiquette.

Now arch aback to breadth the assistant was. The assistant was ahead continuing on an inscription on the arena that you can examine.> Latin, accessible to translate. (Linguistics 1:0)

Appearance trait: Mortimer’s amnesty to Conviction.

Now arch up the steps. Shortly afterwards you access the manor, you will allege abreast with Cardinal Piaggi. This arena will be your aboriginal “confrontation” of the game. In adjustment to be acknowledged you charge accord the actual responses. While the responses and reactions can alter depending on your chic and accomplishment selections, I will accommodate the solutions accessible to you.

For this confrontation, accept the afterward responses:> Yes, she’s been actuality for several weeks.> Professional secret, sorry.> It depends on what it contains (Questioning 1:3)> Ok, no worries.

Inventory: Piaggi’s letter. Appearance trait: Piaggi’s vulnerability to Questioning. Trait: “Reliable” ( 1 in Manipulation).

This will unlock

Before you do anything, arch to the appropriate bend and grab the accessible on the table (Devil’s Thorn). There’s additionally a bread actuality abaft one of the chairs.

Bread [03/55].

Walk to the broiler breadth you will see Emily continuing abutting to addition arrive guest. Afore extensive them, you can audit a book on a table.> Booty the book.

Manuscript: “Parallel Lives” ( 1 in Conviction).

Head into the acquisition to bang up a accumulation conversation.> My mother.> She’s gone missing.> !Opportunity! The Aureate Adjustment emblem.> Ask that man?

Sir Gregory Holm will appear over and ask for you to chase him. You will charge to accomplish a best to STAY AND LISTEN TO WASHINGTON or DISCOVER WHAT HOLM KNOWS ABOUT MY MOTHER.> STAY AND LISTEN TO WASHINGTON

This will unlock:The new order

Choose to breach with George Washington and Emily Hillsborrow

> Acquaint me added about this Mortimer.> Aback did he see her for the aftermost time?> Rather political? (Politics 1:2)> Do the others in the Adjustment know, you think?> Show the book begin on the Quay.> !Opportunity (Questioning)! Holm’s head.

Appearance trait: Washington’s amnesty to Politics. Talent: “Out of Breath” ( 1 in Agility). Trait: “Inquisitive” ( 1 in Occultism).

For backbreaking all your accomplishment points, you unlock:

After, you will be upstairs. Anon about-face about and in the little alcove to the appropriate of the stairs you’ll acquisition a coin.

Bread [04/55]

Continue bottomward the anteroom here, and at the abutting stairway breadth you will acquisition a breadth of arrangement (we charge afterwards aggregate the added two genitalia in adjustment for it to count) to your right. The best table abutting to it has a Aureate Elixir for you to grab (make abiding you do!). To the larboard of the adopted aisle is addition book.

Manuscript: “The Encyclopedia” (Part 1 of 3) Manuscript: “Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour” ( 1 in Etiquette).

Continue bottomward this aisle until the abutting bottomward stairway area. In the alcove to the larboard of the stairs, in advanced of the couch with three cushions, is addition coin.

Bread [05/55]

Continue bottomward yet addition corridor, axis right. Aback the aisle turns left, you can acquisition a bread on a table.

Bread [06/55]

After departure this aisle for addition hardly added accessible area, you can acquisition a bread aloft one of the couches forth the left-hand wall.

Bread [07/55]

Continue until George Washington’s allowance (you can apprehend the podiums alfresco of the accommodation in adjustment to acquaint who resides there). Adverse this aperture aloof as the aisle turns to the right, you’ll acquisition a bread to the appropriate of a bank beam.

Language of the birds...The Music Box....Black dog (ghost).. the first bards, the first maestros who traversed the earth were birds, opposite to the dog guardians of the Underworld

Bread [08/55]

Continue to the abutting door, which is afterwards a podium. You’ll see the aisle array of zig-zags. At the end of this aboriginal zig-zag segment, on the appropriate bank abutting to a couch you’ll acquisition addition coin.

Bread [09/55]

Continue bottomward the abutting zig-zag segment. To your right, there will be concealed doors. Aural the aftermost aperture is addition coin. It’s annual advertence that adverse these doors is Luis’ room.

Bread [10/55]

And afresh on a table at the aftermost zig-zag articulation (outside of Manuel Godoy’s room) you’ll acquisition the aftermost bread for now.

Bread [11/55]

Return to Luis’ room. Be acquainted that entering the bedchamber will anon end the chapter. You will be presented with the bewilderment of whether to accessible Cardinal Piaggi’s letter or not. Accept not to accessible it; the advice it contains is irrelevant.> Leave the letter closed.

In the centre of the allowance you’ll acquisition a bread on the attic beside a chair.

Bread [12/55]

Exit the allowance via the balustrade door. To the appropriate you’ll acquisition a table with a Carmelite Water (the aftermost of the accessible types) and Royal Jelly to take. At the right-hand end of the balustrade you’ll acquisition two bill appealing abutting to anniversary other.

Bread [13/55] Bread [14/55]

Enter aback into Luis’ accommodation and access the bedchamber to end the chapter.

You will accept 8 accessible accomplishment credibility to assign.

Completing Adventure 3 will unlock:

Because we additionally completed the affiliate afterwards application any of the consumables we acquired, we will additionally unlock:

Complete a adventure afterwards application consumables

1 guide

Equip the “Mysterium Cosmographium,” arrangement for a benefit 1 in the Science skill.

Talent: “Sober” ( 1 in Etiquette).

Quest 2 opens with Luis actuality woken up in the average of the night to George Washington audibly animadversion on the door. Already you are awoken, grab the key from the adjacent table and apprehend the agenda that comes with it.

Inventory: Circle-shaped key.

Within the curtains at the aperture actuality is addition coin.

Bread [15/55]

Enter the capital room. You’ll acquisition the key is for the chest in the bend to your left. Whilst we do accept the key for this, for bargain Subterfuges usages like these we instead appetite to do is force our way in, to accomplish advance for the “Quick” talent.

> Alleviate (Subterfuges 1:1)

Opening it will admission you addition Amber Fragment and a Royal Jelly (though your account is too abounding for it now). Then, accessible the aperture to Washington.

> No.> Yes.

He explains that he needs your advice to accumulate Elizabeth absent while he goes through her allowance to affirm her identity. Already again, you will be presented with a game-altering best with your options this time actuality HELP GEORGE WASHINGTON or INVESTIGATE ABOUT YOUR VISIONS.


This will unlock:

Head to the left, through the aisle and aloft extensive Emily’s allowance the bold will acquaint you that you accept assorted agency to proceed. You can either bastard through Emily’s allowance to the balcony, or ability that aforementioned balustrade by persuading the assistant acquaint at Napoleon’s allowance to move. The added XP-profitable aisle is through Napolean’s room. But first, audit Emily’s door.

> I admiration how do the agents go about their duties then?

Having fabricated this observation, accepting the key is now free. We don’t appetite to use the key – aloof access it for benefit XP. So arch accomplished the assistant to the abutting stairway area. The aboriginal chiffonier on your appropriate can be interacted with.

> Maybe there’s a key actuality somewhere.

Inventory: Service key.

Now, allege to the assistant acquaint alfresco Napoleon’s room. Afore selecting an advantage however, aboriginal absorb a distinct Carmelite Water. This will accomplish our abutting accomplishment best free.

> Scare him. (Manipulation 1:0)

Appearance information: Servant’s vulnerability to Manipulation. Trait: “Wily” ( 1 in Diversion)

In Napoleon’s room, anon to your left, is Devil’s Thorn. Appraise the bookshelf actuality for a manuscript.

Manuscript: “The Prince” Appearance trait: Napoleon’s amnesty to Politics.

There is additionally a bread abaft the annular table.

Bread [16/55]

Next up, appraise the hat on the daybed and additionally the brand that is aptitude on the armchair at the autograph desk.

Appearance trait: Napoleon’s amnesty to Conviction.

Finally, avenue through the balustrade door.

> Go out assimilate the balcony.

This will acquiesce you to spy on Mortimer’s affair with Napoleon. Already Luis is afflicted to flee, absorb a distinct Devil’s Thorn. You’ll afresh acquisition yourself in a Battle with Emily. Back she has you at knife point, you will be afflicted by a abrogating cachet effect: Disconcerted, which increases the bulk of application accomplishment points. Cure this anon with a distinct Aureate Elixir.

> Try to calm her down. (Manipulation 1:2)> Reassure her. (Psychology 1:4)> Anguish about her.> (Consume a Royal Jelly)> Allege about your mother. (Manipulation 1:2)

Appearance trait: Emily’s vulnerability to Psychology. Talent: “Subtle” ( 2 in Psychology)

For afterwards in this confrontation, you will unlock:

Eyes don’t lie

Convince Emily Hillsborrow of the abstention of your intentions aback she surprises you in her room

1 guide

This additionally agency that we’ve captivated already of anniversary accessible type. Use no added for the butt of this adventure (it grants us an accomplishment soon)! Arch aback to your own allowance aback Cardinal Piaggi will allege with you alfresco your allowance about the letter.

> Accord aback the letter.

Trait: “Faithful” ( 1 in Etiquette).

Enter Louis’ room.

You will accept 4 accessible accomplishment credibility to assign.

Since you alone acclimated one of anniversary accessible blazon in this quest, you will alleviate a Aptitude and achievement.

Talent: “Calculating” ( 1 accomplishment points).

For commutual Adventure 2, you unlock:

After Luis wakes up, you can accouter the “The Prince” arrangement for a benefit 1 in the Manipulation skill.

It is now morning and the new cold is to acquisition added clues on Sarah de Richet. First, appraise the “writing material” on the desk, and grab a Royal Jelly from the end of your bed. Go into the capital allowance and audit the chest in the bend abutting to you for a Aureate Elixir.

> Alleviate (Subterfuges 1:1)

Grab a Carmelite Water from the appliance to your left, afresh move over to the appliance to the appropriate of the fireplace. Appraise it a few shelves up; actuality able to ability will get you an Amber Fragment.

> Ability (Agility 1:1).

Then booty the book on the basal shelf. Go assimilate the balustrade and appraise the auto timberline to advice Louis amount it out. Already Louis knows that there is an airy bulletin in the book, appraise the lit candle from the bedroom.

> Booty the Candle Stick.

Inventory: Candle Stick.

Return to the accessible abstruseness book.

> Burnish the folio with the candle stick.

Trait: “Member of the Order” ( 1 in Occultism, bringing it to akin 1). Inventory: A folio from Bougainville’s book.

The new cold is to go to the Dining Allowance for breakfast. However, we will instead be exploring two accommodation acceptance to our adolescent guests. Aloft abrogation your room, about-face larboard and booty the third door, which has the belvedere announcement Napoleon’s name.

> Alleviate (Subterfuges 1:2).

You’ve of advance been actuality afore but now you can access the bedchamber and grab a bread from the drawers abaft the door.

Bread [17/55]

On the broiler is an Amber Fragment. Now that you accept calm 4 fragments, you will accretion an 1 abiding access to accessible accomplishment points. Nice. On the drawers to the added ancillary of the aperture is a Aureate Elixir. Now, leave Napoleon’s abode and abide bottomward the aisle to your right. Aloft extensive the stairway area, grab the key appropriate aloft a couch on the right.

Inventory: Half-circle shaped key.

Consume four Royal Jellies (and afresh a distinct Aureate Elixir to abolish the Intoxicated cachet effect), and afresh abide through the aisle for a while until, aloft abutting one of the bare doors, Luis will animadversion that he’s accomplished Elizabeth Adams’ room. Access it. To the actual larboard is a chest on the floor; we aloof begin the key for this but again, we can instead force it open.

> Unlock. (Subterfuges 1:1)

You’ll accretion an Amber Fragment and Aureate Elixir, as able-bodied as some notes.

> Analyze the addendum (Occultism 1:1).> Booty the notes.

Appearance information: Elizabeth Adams’ amnesty to Manipulation. Manuscript: “Notes by De Richet” (Part 1 of 4).

Upon a red set of drawers is a Devil’s Thorn and a table over is some Royal Jelly. To the larboard of the autograph table, on the floor, is addition key for later.

Inventory: Bristles circles shaped key.

Nearby is a bathtub blowzy with books.

Manuscript: “Evelyna” ( 1 in Etiquette). Appearance information: Elizabeth Adams’ amnesty to Psychology.

There’s a bread in the average of some books on the floor, as able-bodied as Carmelite Water.

Bread [18/55]

That’s all for this residence. Avenue and about-face left, allotment to alight at the additional stairway breadth you appear across. You will be chock-full by Elizabeth Adams. The babble will advance to addition “confrontation”. Accept the afterward responses:

> Booty an absorption in her health.> Ask her why she’s interested.> What do you mean?> !Opportunity (Questioning)! Her arch scar> (Use a Carmelite Water)> Use a bendable access (Questioning 1:0)> Acknowledgment her sister.

Appearance information: Elizabeth’s vulnerability to Questioning. Trait: “Determined” ( 1 in Questioning).

This will unlock:

And back this will be your 20th best done aural the timer, you get a benefit talent. For this accurate battle we additionally accretion a affection and achievement.

Talent: “Swift” ( 1 in Vigilance).


In the aforementioned game, accept 20 answers afore the time is up

You will now be in the Great Hall, breadth a assistant is assuredly acquaint at the abject of the stairs. Babble with him; let’s accomplishment some of his weaknesses in barter for items and XP.

> I was apprehensive if you could advice me out.> Would you accept any Carmelite Water?> (Use a Carmelite Water)> That’s scandalous! (Etiquette 1:0)> Accept you got any amber?> (Use a Carmelite Water)> I’ll comedy a ambush on him and abduct from him… (Manipulation 1:0)> Manuscript.> I’ll accomplish him accept it’s MY book (Manipulation 1:3)> Would you accept any Devil’s Thorn? Maltese Cross?> I’ll booty abounding responsibility; accord some to me. (Conviction 1:3)

Appearance trait: Agents vulnerability to Manipulation. Appearance trait: Agents vulnerability to Etiquette. Manuscript: “The Sorrows of Young Werther” ( 1 in Psychology).

Proceeding appropriately with our items we’ve pulled from him, go to the Dining Allowance aback you’re accessible to progress.

> !Opportunity! Jacques Peru’s lips.> !Opportunity (Occultism)! Johann Wollner’s lips.> !Opportunity (Politics)! The curtain.> !Opportunity (Psychology)! Emily Hillsborrow’s eye.> Get to apperceive Wollner.> Deflect the catechism on himself (Diversion 1:1).> Let Emily reply.

Appearance trait: Peru’s vulnerability to Etiquette. Appearance trait: Wollner’s amnesty to Occultism. Appearance trait: Emily’s vulnerability to Psychology. Appearance trait: Wollner’s vulnerability to Diversion. Talent: “Learned” ( 1 in Science)

Napoleon will acquaint himself and ask to allege with you outside. He will analysis Louis’ political and business faculty with a proposed accord and a aftereffect catechism which you will acknowledgment in battle mode. Accept the afterward responses:

> It’s not the appropriate time. (Etiquette 1:4).> It would charge a counter-revolution!

Appearance trait: Napoleon’s vulnerability to Etiquette. Trait: “Legitimate” ( 1 in Conviction). Talent: “Officer” ( 1 in Conviction). Manuscript: “Thoughts on the French Revolution” ( 1 in Politics).

Washington will accession a toast.

> !Opportunity! The jacket.

Even admitting we already apperceive that Washington is allowed to the Politics skill, the bold may still acquaint us that we accept aloof apparent it (again).

For persuading to Napolean that you can be trusted, you unlock:

You will accept 8 accessible accomplishment credibility to assign.

For extensive akin 5, you will unlock:

For bringing ten abilities up to akin 1, you will unlock:

Completing Adventure 3 will unlock:

Talent: “Experienced” ( 1 accessible accomplishment points). Talent: “Jack of All Trades” ( 10% added XP at the end of quests).

After Luis booty a moment, you can accouter the “The Sorrows of Young Werther” arrangement for a benefit 1 in the Psychology skill.

To Luis’ right, aloof afore the column, is a coin.

Bread [19/55]

However, arch in the adverse direction, accomplished the piano, to the broiler breadth breadth you’ll acquisition a arrangement and Carmelite Water.

Manuscript: “Discourse on the Method” ( 1 in Logic).

Exit through the aperture actuality and let’s annoy the assistant again, this time with our new skills.

> I was apprehensive if you could advice me out.> Would you accept any Aureate Elixir?> No panic, I apperceive what it is. (Science 1:3)

Appearance information: Servant’s vulnerability to Science.

Now arch into the broiler breadth beneath the boss Zeus statue. At the advanced of the carpeting you’ll acquisition a bread and aloft the table is a Aureate Elixir.

Bread [20/55]

Head into the aperture adjacent to the servant, entering the Small Salon. On a table to your appropriate is a coin.

Bread [21/55]

Walk alongside the bank to the larboard of breadth you entered. The table abutting to the piano has a Royal Jelly. Move accomplished it into the bend for addition coin.

Bread [22/55]

Next to it is a chest you accept back acquired a key for; instead, force your way in. It will max out your account for Aureate Elixir.

> Unlock. (Subterfuges 1:2)

Walk forth the bookcase, attractive up. You’ll apprehension you can collaborate with a college shelf. This will accord you an Amber Fragment.

> Reach. (Agility 1:1)

On a analogously aerial shelf is another.

> Ability (Agility 1:1)

Move forth the bookcases, this time attractive down, you can grab a manuscript.

Manuscript: “The Encyclopedia” (Part 2 of 3).

Consume three of your Royal Jellies, which should abandoned your account of them, afresh acknowledgment to the Dining Hall. Go above Piaggi abiding at the cafe (conversation with him offers little so don’t bother), to the table on the appropriate afore a aisle segment. Aces up a Devil’s Thorn and alleviate the chest for a candied bushing on Royal Jellies.

> Unlock. (Subterfuges 1:1)

Now arch into the aisle articulation and attending to your larboard anon as you access for addition coin. Forth the aisle on the larboard you’ll acquisition a key, and afresh on the appropriate appraise a chest for an Amber Fragment.

> Alleviate (Subterfuges 1:1).

Bread [23/55] Inventory: Key with an abstruse Earth symbol.

Head through the aperture aback you’re accessible to progress. This will booty you into the Library, which is artlessly a aisle to the Portrait Gallery. Be abiding to grab a Royal Jelly from the third ladder, and a arrangement allotment from the sixth ladder. Appropriate abutting to this is a bread also.

Inventory: “The Encyclopedia” (part 3 of 3, now authoritative it readable). Talent: “Bookworm” (equip one added manuscript). Bread [24/55]

Exit into the Portrait Gallery. Arch to the far ancillary of the allowance from breadth you enter, and on your larboard abreast an accessible appreciable book you’ll acquisition an Amber Fragment. You’ll acquisition addition in the bend of this allotment of the room. Affective appropriate forth the bank from this, you’ll acquisition a bread on the attic beside the curtain. Even added forth will be a Carmelite Water on the table.

Bread [25/55]

Move over to the carve in the average of the room. You’ll acquisition a continued red couch belted by two aphotic amethyst chairs. Aloft the larboard one is a coin.

Bread [26/55]

Head over to the Medusa arch bronze to alleviate a chest, for a Devil’s Thorn.

> Unlock. (Subterfuges 1:1)

Consume three Royal Jellies, and additionally a Aureate Elixir to cure the Intoxicated cachet effect, and afresh over by the appliance you can attending up on the college shelves to furnish it.

> Reach. (Agility 1:1)

Examine the Medusa arch statue. It wouldn’t be a able point & bang bold afterwards a puzzle! Aboriginal audit the hero captivation a shield.

> Handle the mechanism. (Subterfuges 1:2)

For this simple addle we charge to do the following:

This solves the addle and sends Louis through a abstruse access breadth he runs into Emily in the Trophy Room.

> Acknowledgment her frankly.> I brainstorm she is attractive for addition too.

Proceeding left, grab a bread from one of the red affectation cases.

Bread [27/55]

On the appliance abaft this affectation case, you’ll acquisition a manuscript.

Manuscript: “Thoughts on Art” ( 1 in Erudition).

Head about to Emily’s ancillary of the room, interacting with the aureate account on a podium.

> Identify the object. (Subterfuges 1:2)

Talent: “Quick” ( 1 in Subterfuges)

Further appear Emily, one of the bookcases contains some notes.

Manuscript: “Thoughts on man and society” (Part 1 of 5).

The affectation case afterpiece to Emily contains an Amber Fragment, which gives you a benefit accomplishment point now you accept completed a set of four.

Talent: “Prince of Amber” ( 1 accomplishment point).

With aggregate collected, babble with Emily. Accept the afterward responses:

> Assume Mortimer is immortal.> What do you anticipate of this collection?

After this appraise the chaplet on the board abaft her. This will advance to the final battle of Episode 1. For the confrontation:

> (When the Disconcerted abrogating cachet automatically ancestor up at the start, use a Aureate Elixir)> Because I don’t appetite any abuse to appear to you. (Psychology 1:3)> (Use a Carmelite Water)> Analyze Emily’s character. (Psychology 1:0)> She already has a partner.> It’s a woman and it’s…> Her sister.

Talent: “Intuitive” ( 2 in Questioning). Trait: “Confidant” ( 1 in Psychology, bringing it to akin 2).

Succeeding in this final battle unlocks:

Overcome 5 confrontations

Trait: “Investigation” (equip one added manuscript).

After you and Emily leave the abstruse room, you will run into an affecting Elizabeth Adams. You will be accustomed a best to FOLLOW ELIZABETH or JOIN EMILY.


This best will unlock:

In your room, Emily will be cat-and-mouse for you. Not sleeping with Emily will accord you a cleaner censor in afterwards artifice development.

> What is she accomplishing here?> Why that? (Questioning 1:2)> Go figure… (Psychology 1:2)> No thanks.

Appearance information: Emily’s amnesty to Questioning. Talent: “Spy” ( 1 in Diversion) Trait: “Upright” ( 1 in Psychology)

You will accept 4 accessible accomplishment credibility to assign.

Completing Adventure 4 will unlock:

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